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The Latin spirit projects with greatness and becomes successful in every area of human endeavour. Get to know better the Latin spirit in its history, culture, science, humanism, and business.


Can a woman be the muse of poetry for over 300 years?

Could a man write a 16 volume work thinking no one would ever read it?
Can chemistry help a craftsman?
Could black flowers be born by Florez?
Could a Cuban Be the Best Spanish Poet of the Romantic Period?
Can an opera be inspired by the love of a Cuban native?
Can a man fight a mosquito for 20 years?
Can the animal part be more significant than the spiritual part in human beings?
Could a 16-year-old kid design and construct, almost 100 years ago, an airplane that flew perfectly?
Can Asturias be in Paris?
Can the tale of the poor girl who becomes a queen, be true?
Can a problem child become one of the greatest scientists in the world?
Can modernism be blue?
Can the inventor of the first color television be Latin American?
Could a Honduran have become President of El Salvador?
Could a Latino have built the first sports plane in the world?
Can a Latino woman from a small village distinguish herself in the world of science?
Can a Latino supply the United States with nuclear and space technology?
Can anyone distinguish himself as a poet, jurist, philologist, and a beautiful person?

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