Tradition... joy... passion....
The Latin spirit is strengthened by respecting its customs and celebrating its successes. Get to know better the Latin spirit in its traditions, festivities, crafts, and some secrets conveyed by word of mouth from one generation to the next.


Can the leaves of a bush consolidate a friendship?

Could you dance a Caribbean dance without moving your hips?

Can Beauty Be Frightening?
Can Something That Has Been Given Up For Dead, Still Be Alive?
Can something eternal be on the brink of extinction?
Can the slums seduce the aristocrats?
Can a ship sail on the Andean Mountain Range?
Can a rural tradition become an urban sport?
Can something be a dish, a spoon, a tablecloth and the food itself, all at once?
Can wood sing when you hit it?
Can a mix of rhythms from different countries result in a new musical genre?
Can a person run over 125 miles nonstop?
Can an ox-drawn cart coexist with modern automobiles?
Can a popular kids’ drink have once been considered a harmful drug?
Can a double bass fit inside a guitar?
Can a man spend more than half his lifetime on top of a horse?
Is pok-ta-pok a computer game or a pre-Columbian game?

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